Testimonials for Dr. Eric Lewis

“We are so ever grateful to Dr. Lewis for taking such wonderful care of our 14 year old daughter. He puts his heart into his work and makes it so evident. Thank you so much Dr. Lewis and staff, you are simply the best!”

– Cubak Family, San Dimas CA

“Eric Lewis is a genius; I trust him with my life. I had a horrible fall face down on rough, old asphalt and my face looked like hamburger; he stitched up three or four layers of skin, it healed beautifully, and I have only one tiny little mark that only I seem to be able to see. I will die from lots of things, but it won’t be skin cancer, of that I am sure.”

– S. Sloan, Santa Ana CA

“Dr. Lewis’ unique scar revision procedures have produced the most remarkable results. They have become virtually undetectable. There has never been a time the doctor has entered hte room without smiling and a warm greeting. I highly recommend his services for those looking for the highest quality standards.”

– M. Trygsad, Los Angeles CA

“I have known Dr. Lewis for almost 20 years. My mother and aunt introduced me, and throughout this time the condition of my skin has remained untarnished–no matter what I have encountered. His unique technique and ethical practice are eons ahead of most dermatologists, let alone enhancement surgery practicioners. He is a total artist and human being. A million thanks and appreciation for you Dr. Lewis!”

– C. Chandler, San Francisco CA

“I cam to Dr. Lewis with an extreme acne problem. After 3 weeks my symptoms were almost completely gone. With his comfort and help I feel 100% more confident. I recommend him to everyone!”

– C. Kraus, Los Angeles CA

” I am so glad that I was referred to Dr. Lewis. He is such a warm and kind person and takes a proactive approach to treating my pre-skin cancer lesions before they become a problem. It’s so nice to have a doctor that I can trust to be thorough so that I don’t have to worry about it.”

– C. Pitts, Los Angeles CA

“So happy I was referred to Dr. Lewis about five years ago. Aside from the fact he is looking out for my health, he and his staff are a pleasure to be with. Love his sense of humor as well.”

– L. Lewin, Los Angeles CA

“Dr. Lewis treats every member of my family. He has been fantastic for my teenage son, who began to develop some mild acne. One doctor prescribed creams which did nothing. After taking time to see Dr. Lewis, he started on a face wash and cream that cleared up his skin within 2 weeks. For me, Dr. Lewis is helping me avoid skin cancer by watching my skin regularly and through his conservative approach. I love his bedside manner, patience in explaining everything and answering questions, and his genuine care and concern for his patients.”

– J.T., Los Angeles CA

“My husband and I see Dr. Lewis every three weeks. My husband had lesions on his face that another dermatologist said were nothing. Dr. Lewis miraculously normalized the skin on his forehead and cheeks with a simple procedure. He is truly one of the beautiful souls in the world who love helping people. We feel so fortunate to have found him.”

– L. Young, Los Angeles CA

“Eric Lewis has been my dermatologist for over 20 years. He is fantastic. Not only did he clear up my skin situations, but he was able to spot potential melanoma growths in a very, very early stage so as to prevent serious or even life-threatening cancer from developing. A great dermatologist and even a greater person.”

– C. Oyler, Santa Monica CA

“None better. Truly… none better. In every respect, on all levels Dr. Lewis is truly the best there is. I started seeing him years ago and continue to see him even though I live hours away now. My husband now goes to him too and if I could, I would have everyone I know go to see him. Love the man and his staff.”

– J. Walker, San Diego CA

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