Dermabrasion and Chemical Peel

Throughout history, people who have been distressed and embarrassed by the disfigurement of their facial skin have searched for ways to improve these imperfections. The procedure of combining dermabrasion and chemical peel is nicknamed “the Great Eraser”. Erasing the wrinkles, sunspots, scars especially from acne have been a huge blessing for many people.

Prior to any resurfacing procedure, patients must rejuvenate the few old fibrocytes found in thin, atrophic, sun damaged skin of old thin wrinkled skin. The ingredients of Natural Marine Extract have shown to stimulate stem cells into productive fibrocytes. Thus, prior to dermabrasion or acid peel, Miracle of the Sea® with Natural Marine Extract™ is recommended for at least one or two months (click here to see protocol).

Dermabrasion first introduced in the 1940’s, has been perfected over the last few decades. Used on both men and women, facial dermabrasion is the surgical procedure of choice for the most severe scarring or wrinkling. It uses a rotary abrasive instrument called a diamond fraze which “sands” the skin to smooth and remove the most difficult facial defects. The abrasive or planning action evens out the skin to give it a smoother, more pleasing contour.

When the technique of dermabrasion was first developed, it was used primarily to improve acne pot marks and scars resulting from accidents or disease. Today, it is used to treat other conditions as well. These include tattoos, sun damage, age/liver spots, wrinkles and other kinds of skin lesions. When used to treat wrinkles, even the most severe, dermabrasion/acid peel not only smooths them out but also tightens the skin. Dermabrasion can also be done successfully on patients with active acne. It is better, of course, to obtain the greatest amount of acne control prior to surgery, but more extensive damage can occur if the procedure is delayed. As mentioned, prior to any resurfacing procedures including dermabrasion, the Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract protocol should be followed.

Acid peels are used on other areas of the face that do not need dermabrasion but have some wrinkling, laxity of skin and sun damage. Acid peels come in many forms and strengths. Trichoracidic Acid (TCA) peel is the most common used in combination with dermabrasion. Depending on the strength, TCA peels can also smooth wrinkles and tighten the sun damaged and aging skin similar to but to a lesser extent than dermabrasion. TCA peel with the strength of 25-25% is used exclusively on the eyelids to remove the wrinkles and tighten the skin even more effectively than a blephorplasty (eye surgery) which has minimal or no effect on wrinkles.

Thus, the single most effective procedure to rejuvenate sun damaged, wrinkled, or slightly loose skin is the combination of Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract protocol followed by dermabrasion and acid peel. Using dermabrasion to “sand” off the worst acne scars and acid peel to “blend” the rest of the face is the best treatment. If a person has very deep “ice pick” acne scars, there may be a need to use scar revision prior to dermabrasion/acid peel. Lighter acid peels including 15-25% TCA, Glycolic Acid, and Jessner’s Solution are used to reduce or eliminate sun spots or fine wrinkles.

Maintainance with Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract will provide long term benefits.

Procedure for Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is performed in Dr. Lewis’ surgical suite. Medication, usually oral Valium and intramuscular Demerol, to relax the patient may be administered prior to surgery. The face is thoroughly cleansed with an antiseptic cleansing agent. Eyes are protected and hair is covered, and the area to be treated is sprayed which freezes the skin. Cold packs to numb the area may be applied before it is sprayed.

Skin is then “sanded” with an abrasive diamond studded instrument attached to a high-speed rotary machine. All patients require polysporin ointment and bandaging after surgery. The procedure lasts for thirty to sixty minutes, depending upon the condition of the skin and extent of the area involved.

Post-Surgery for Dermabrasion

For a few days, the skin feels as though it has been severely sunburned. OTC pain relief usually alleviates most discomfort the patient may have. Antibiotics/Antivirals may be prescribed to prevent infection. If bandages are used, they are removed within one or two days. Some swelling is to be expected 24-48 hours after surgery. Swelling can be reduced by icing and keeping the head in a slightly elevated position when reclining. The postop routine should include cold compresses followed by Miracle of the Sea with Natural Marine Extract twice a day.

Procedure for Light Peels

The process is easy. First, you will wash your face. Precleanse pads may then be used to complete the cleansing process and prepare your skin for the procedure. Next, one of six strengths of glycolic acid us applied to your skin, beginning the renewal process. In about one minute, you will feel a slight stinging. A translucent mask will begin to appear.

Within three minutes, and discomfort will peak, and then rapidly diminish to nearly zero. With this procedure there is minimal to no “downtime”. Your skin immediately looks and feels smoother and tighter. Your face may temporarily appear a bit rosy. In a day or two your face may begin peeling. The degree of peeling can vary from invisible, to mild, to noticeable peeling and flaking, depending on your skin and other factors that Dr. Lewis will discuss with you.