Scar Revision

One of Dr. Lewis’ greatest strengths is focus on detail and perfection. These traits are essential for scar revision. Dr. Lewis is one of the only cosmetic surgeons in the world using the detail oriented hypereversion technique. This was invented by Dr. Richard Webster in Boston and tremendously advanced by Dr. Lewis. The hypereversion-technique uses critically placed absorbable (deep) stitches which eliminate any “pull” on the wound which causes the separation and depression of most scars. It also reduces the chance of hypertrophic scar or keloid formation.

This technique is surgically difficult and may be one of the reasons so few surgeons use it. The superficial suturing technique which Dr. Lewis uses with hypereversion allows the entire suture line to be loosened without losing its strength. This eliminates the “cross hatching” or “railroad tracking” of surgical scars caused by stitches which are too tight and could not be loosened.

The most common types of scars requiring revision are acne, traumatic, breast reduction or augmentation, cesarean, heart, orthopedic and tumor removal.

If you are unhappy with any scar on your body, do yourself a favor and show it to Dr. Lewis.