A Letter to My Patients

To My Beloved Patients,

The world is going through a tremendous health care problem: Coronavirus. Most retail stores, restaurants, sporting and entertainment venues are closed. Medical offices are exempted. My primary concern is your health. To that end the office will remain open to take your calls Monday to Saturday 6am to 11:30am.

Please note there may be a lower availability of appointment times with Dr. Lewis during this period. We are not taking drop-ins at this time. Patients must call for an appointment.

Complete sterilization techniques will take place including at least three staff and patient hand sanitization procedures per individual patient visit. All touched surfaces are being sterilized at least twice per individual office visit. All staff including me will be wearing N95 masks and greeting you with a “Hello” vs a hug. The staff has organized teledermatology (Zoom) and e-dermatology appointments (email with or without photos) to minimize you leaving your house.

Call the office (1-310-289-9700) and schedule an appointment. Beverly Hills is a ghost town. Thus, if you come to the office, you will have minimal contact with ANYONE! Of course, those of you who do not have computers or smart phones or those of you who need injections, liquid nitrogen treatments, surgeries and other procedures which cannot be performed by the computer, must come to the office. I welcome any of your suggestions and updates.


Dr. Eric Lewis